WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine Review

Rowing Machine provides the best workout for the whole body within a short time. It involves both the upper and lower parts of your body in the workout and helps you to gain total cardiovascular fitness. The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine gives the best performance with full body workout.

Regular rowing can also burn calories and reduce your body weight. Therefore, spending half an hour on the rowing machine does not hamper your busy schedule but can create huge effects in improvement of your health. 

If you are looking for an exercising machine for your psychological and physical benefits, then WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine is the perfect rower for you.

Basics of WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine[su_divider top=”no” style=”dotted” margin=”10″]

[azonbox1 tagt = “We Recommend” imgurl= “https://www.rowingly.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/WaterRower-Natural.jpg” imgdsc=”” lnktxt= “Save on Amazon.com!” linkl=”http://www.amazon.com/WaterRower-Natural-Machine-Ash-S4/dp/B000A6QIMS?tag=besrowmac08-20″ headline= “WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine” subhline=”Handcrafted Water Flywheel Rower” text= “WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine is a great Handcrafted Water Flywheel Rower in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor.” ]WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine provides the most natural rowing motion just like gliding the water. The machine is produced and manufactured by WaterRower Inc.

The product has the five-year warranty on frame and the three-year warranty on parts. I have analyzed this perfect aerobic pursuit, and I have come with some special features of this product.

This WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine Review will discuss these features along with some advantages and disadvantages of this rower.

Water Flywheel System

This rowing machine has a water flywheel. The flywheel has two paddles in its tank of water. The water flywheel provides smooth and quiet workout experience.

The flowing and flowing movement does not tax the joints and allows a better heart rate. The paddles in the enclosed tank do not need any maintenance or lubricant to move smoothly.

Self-Regulating Resistance

The paddles of the flywheel create a self-regulating resistance for better performance. The machine does not need a motor for regulating the workout level.

The resistance automatically increases with your workout intensity. This relaxing rowing machine effects on 84 percent of your muscle.

It helps you with toning and strengthening your muscle with burning calories.

Multifunctional Monitor

The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine comes with a user-friendly multifunctional S4 monitor.

This monitor has six selection buttons, three navigation buttons, and six programming windows.

The monitor shows your stroke rate, workout duration, distance, workout intensity, etc. you can use an optional chest strap to monitor heartbeat.

Build Quality

This WaterRower comes with a sturdy and stylish structure for durability. The body is made of hard ash wood and honey oak, which can hold the body strongly and absorb noise and vibration.

The frame is rock solid. You can work for hours with this rowing machine, does not matter how heavy and strong you are. Almost every user praised its build quality and smart design.

Comfort Level

The ergonomically designed seat comes with extra padding to hold your body perfectly.

The handle is made of light aluminum and covered with firm materials to hold it comfortably. The footrests and nylon straps accommodate your feet firmly.

The functional body structure makes it one of the most comfortable rowing machines for users.[azonbox2 imgurl= “https://www.rowingly.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/WaterRower-Natural-Rowing-Machine.jpg” imgdsc=”” lnktxt= “Check Out on Amazon!” linkl=”http://www.amazon.com/WaterRower-Natural-Machine-Ash-S4/dp/B000A6QIMS?tag=besrowmac08-20″ headline= “WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine” subhline=”Ash Wood with S4 Monitor” text= “Solid ash and stained honey oak construction absorbs sound and vibration.” ]

Dimension and Capacity

The rower takes a good space while using, but you can always store it in a corner of the room by setting it at its base.

The assembled dimension is 83” X 22” X 21” (211 cm X 56 cm X 53 cm). It takes 21” X 22” X 83” (53 cm X 56 cm X 211 cm) while standing.

The rower is a bit heavy comparing the other machines. It consists 1,000 pounds. The machine can carry up to 2,200 pounds.

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  • Sturdily built
  • Natural and smooth rowing motion
  • Comfortable seat and handle
  • Multi-Functional monitor
  • Automated resistance adjustment
  • Stylish ash wood finish


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  • Price is little high for my liking.


Final Verdict

The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine has the advanced water flywheel and other features for a professional and durable workout.

You will experience smooth and realistic feelings with this rowing machine. This product has a price of $1,160.00.

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