Velocity Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

That is right, The Velocity Magnetic Rowing Machine takes rowing to a new level. It will provide you as many as 12 programs which you can customize according to your own needs.

You can further customize your rowing experience by switching between the low and high end of intensity levels.

The settings can be tempered with the knob which you can reach easily from any position on the rower. Just turn it to the right direction to tamper with the settings and customize the rowing levels.

Features of Velocity Magnetic Rowing Machine[su_divider top=”no” style=”dotted” margin=”10″]

[azonbox1 tagt = “We Recommend” imgurl= “” imgdsc=”” lnktxt= “Save on Amazon” linkl=”″ headline= “Velocity Magnetic Rowing Machine” subhline=”Anodized Aluminum Velocity Rower” text= “We recommend for It’s beautiful Magnetic Control System with Anodized Aluminum body & maximum weight capacity. ” ]Unlike most of the rowing machines in the marketthe Velocity Magnetic Rowing Machine has a magnetic resistance system.

The harder you pull, the magnets in the resistance pull that much harder against your effort. That results in an intense workout which will build up the stamina of the users. There are as many as 8 different resistance levels.

Having a magnetic resistance system also means that it is significantly quieter than even Stamina air rowers and Concept2 Model D Machines in the market. It is a good alternative in that respect.

Wide LCD Screen

That is true. If you add a wide LCD Screen along with all the other features, this machine becomes a world-class tool to be had.[azonbox2 imgurl= “” imgdsc=”” lnktxt= “Buy on,Now!” linkl=”″ headline= “Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower” subhline=”Magnetic Resistance rower” text= “” ]

The monitor shows you data regarding the time you rowed for, the distance you covered, the stroke count, the data can be stored into a computer and stored.

This way, you can track your progress for weeks. This feature makes velocity magnetic rower a top favorite among athletes and common people alike.

The LCD Monitor also has a backlit function which allows the user to track the progress even in dim light.

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  • Great Construction which focuses on strengthening lower body.
  • There are wheels for easy transportability.
  • The assembly of the product is easy. A user only needs to join handlebars and the monitor.
  • The Resistance level is perfectly suited for families with five or more members.
  • It is quieter than the hydraulic rowers or even the air rowing machines.
  • 12 Programmable slots make it easy for multiple users to use this machine.
  • Perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
  • A great machine which can be stored easily and can be considered a home gym.


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  • There aren’t any noticeable disadvantages with this machine.


If you really interested in doing some workout daily in your busy life, this velocity exercise magnetic rower will help you. You can purchase this rower without any hesitation. It will save your money and will give you the best performance than other rowers. It has great features and top quality design that will ensure you last a long time. It looks great and comfortable for using. It has another great thing that This rower can be used by different types of people. The price of the product is affordable so you can buy this rowing machine without any hassle.

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