Does Rowing Machine Help To Lose Weight?

Having a perfect figure is a wish of every human being especially women want to lose weight because it adds up to their beauty. However, losing weight is not a piece of cake. You have to follow a proper diet and for that, you need to take out time which seems difficult these days. We all are on a roller coaster, and life has been very busy for each of us. On the other hand, people go for weight lose supplement as well. There are plenty of weight lose supplements in the market who promise to give you incredible results. However, it contains side effects and can cause harm to your health in many ways, but rowing machine to lose weight don’t have any side effect, and it gives you the best way to lose weight.

Rowing Machine To Lose Weight

To lose weight, we suggest you not to depend on any weight lose supplement as it will only waste your time, money and energy. But you don’t need to get upset because we have a great solution to your weight lose problem. Rowing Machine helps you a lot in burning calories. How and in what time period? Let’s read the article further!

What Is a Rowing Machine? 

The idea of creating a Rowing Machine came from rowing a boat in the water. Most of the machines track something like power, speed, distance or calories burn. Rowing Machine tracks calories burnt off your body.

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To get full benefits of a rowing machine, you need to use it accordingly. Just don’t sit down and starts tugging on the handle. What you should do is pushing your seat back and have a strong leg drive. Slightly lean back from the hips and imagine swinging on a clock face and bring the handles of the machine to the lower ribs in a quick way. Now, reverse the whole process, stretch your arms, move forward from the hips and bend your knees which prepares your body for the next stroke.

Time Period

An American college did a research about it and stated to lose weight we suggest you to exercise at least 60 to 90 minutes per day. The number of burnt calories depend on the period of exercise. If you exercise less, you will burn fewer calories. So if you want to lose an enormous amount of calories, then you need to fast the process.

It ‘s hard for me!

As I mentioned above about the problem of time consumption and busy schedule, it’s difficult but not as much as you think. You can wake up early in the morning and do the exercise before having breakfast; it will not only help you in losing weight, but it will keep you fresh and active throughout the day as well.

Take a break from it once in a week and notice about the symptoms of over exercise like do you feel unusual fatigue? Or joint soreness? Also, take notice if you feel any increased heart rate or muscle soreness.

How many calories can I burn?

According to Harvard Health Publications, if you contain 125 pounds, you can lose 519 calories per hour through stationary rowing. It’s this logic that the more weight you have, the more weight you lose. For instance, if you have 185 pounds, you can lose 754 calories as per hour. And if you are comparatively lighter, you need to work hard even more to burn more calories.

You need to perform workouts with high intensity, either increase your resistance or rate stroke. If you burn 500 to 1000 calories each day, it will lead you to lose 1 to 2 pounds weight per week. If you handle this well, you can increase the burning calorie rate even more.

What about diet?

You lose 1 pound weight by burning every 3,500 calories when you don’t replace it with food. It surely does not mean that you start starving yourself. You should also take care that your body is getting enough of the nutrients as it works as your body fuel and increases energy levels.

If you take sufficient amount of nutrients every day, you can stay active the whole day. But, if you take calorie-rich diet, it will slow down the process of burning calories. So, you need to take food which contains fewer calories but provides the equal amount of energy. Like, you can eat grains, fruits and vegetable which are nutrients rich and doesn’t cause any extra calorie gain.

Why Rowing Machine?

You may still be thinking that why should I try Rowing Machine? Well, the reasons are:

  • Maintains Cardiovascular Health – Rowing machine improves and maintains the health of your heart because when you perform an exercise which increases your heart rate and breath volume, it benefits your heart. Also, it is great for your lungs because it includes every major muscle group of the human body. When you put a force on your body, it doesn’t like to exert, so it makes physiological adjustments, and when you do the workout for the second time, it becomes a little easier. Similarly, when you do rowing, and you breathing rate gets high and your heart starts pumping, even more, it adapts changes. In this way, the health of your heart increases.
  • Makes Muscle Strong – This exercise includes every major muscle group of your body. While performing this exercise, your muscle feels hurt or pained at once but then they get used to it because they get stronger through this process.
  • Reduces Stress – It is also the reason for stress reduction. We suggest you to do exercise at home not at the gym. You can do it in a more relaxing way. Also, you can tune into your favorite show while exercising which helps in reducing stress about every problem. When you are less stressed, your brain starts working in a better way.
  • Low Cost – The investment is comparatively low than the cardio machinery. You can find rates on the internet which will help you getting your own Rowing Machine in less amount.

Final Verdicts 

I don’t find any other better way to lose weight than a rowing machine. It not only helps in losing weight, but it provides you other benefits as well. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your rowing machine and get a perfect figure!

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