How To Buy The Best Rowing Machine: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Buying a quality rowing machine is crucial. The decision depends on so many factors. You can’t simply rush to the market and buy a rowing machine for your family just like that. So check out our buying guide to take the final decision to buy.

buying guide

Fitness Gurus, Enthusiasts, and Trainers say that you must judge a good rowing machine on various criteria.

Depending upon the result, a low budget rowing machine can turn out to be better for you than the highly priced one.

So which factors would you look into before making the purchase? Don’t sweat. We’ve got the list of facts ready for you. Just read on the current buying guide for Rowing Machines.

Check Out The Buying Guide

Pay Attention to Your Exercise Type

This is perhaps the most important thing you need to do. You’ll have to pay attention to your own body. Also, determine how long you are going to exercise per day and depending on that, set realistic goals that you hope to achieve within such timeline.

Now you can set feet in the marketplace to buy a rowing machine suiting your needs.

For example, if you are looking for keeping your body in shape and not looking to achieve any extravagant things, you can opt for Stamina Inc’s rowers which are generally good for short stint rowing.

They are cheap as well. If you are looking for a rigorous workout and a gym-like experience, you can turn to rowers within the top price range and with more features.

Look into Things The Rower Offers You

In other words, look at the specifications of the rower. For example, different rowers offer you different types of resistances.

The resistances all have their individual perks. For example, the hydraulic resistance is easy to change around. The air resistance is great too but it is noisy. On the other hand, the magnetic resistance system is quieter than the two and yet, is powerful.

The Physical Construction of the Rower Matters

Many of the customers ignore the fact but the construction of a rower is very much important. Everyone wants durable rowing machines with steel frames which would last long.

Some of the rowers in the market use an aluminum-steel alloy that would make them lightweight and durable at the same time.

It is definitely a plus when you are looking to store the rower in a convenient place. Seats and handlebars need to be great as well. People, who are suffering from back pains, can use a good seat which is cushioned to ensure comfort.

An ideal rower must have textured handlebars. There are various rowers which are offered for cheap and have handlebars that can cause blisters to your hands. Be sure to buy a rowing machine which is comfortable for you and protects your hands from any threat of injuries.

The footrests should be a concern to all the buyers of the rowing machines. Always try to find out which type of straps the footrests are using.

Some of the footrests use nylon straps and some use Velcro straps. The straps can loosen up with time. So, choose the brand which has greater longevity in terms of foot straps.

Monitor is a Vital Equipment to Have

When you are all set to buy a rowing machine, look into the monitor. It is the vital part which will show you the crucial data that you want to see. Some of the alpha level monitors show you only time, stroke count and calorie you have burnt.

The higher ranged rowers like Kettler Kadett Rowing machine will show the additional distance data and time vs. distance graph. S

some of the high-end rollers will give you the option to check your heartbeat as well. So, when you buy one, you will have to check which positives you are getting from it in terms of the monitor and statistics.

Keep an Eye on The Price

It is also another major concern which you need to keep in mind. Many of us often search for a budget-friendly rower.

But on the other hand, people should keep in mind that cheap rowers won’t offer that much of facilities when compared to the high budget rowers.

For example, Stamina Inc. Rowers are generally (most of the times) budget friendly and try to balance the perks with the price whereas, Kettler and Velocity are more of mid-ranged rowers and try to offer you perks which are suitable for this type of price range.

Whichever brand you choose, keep an eye on the price and also the perks the machine offers for better output.

The Warrantee Period Should Be a Priority

Many of us ignore the fact when they see other features toppling one another. But “Warrantee” issue is a major one especially if you are making a cross-country purchase.

There are various brands which offer separate warranty periods on parts, the frame, and the monitor too.

Try to buy a machine with substantial warranty period and one which covers a wide range of damage patterns in the clauses for warranty as well.

The Comfort Level

It is vitally important. Let us imagine you have chosen the best rower in terms of physical stability, your needs, the price range and the advantages you are offered by the company.

But still, the level of comfort is a vital issue. Because, when you are using a rower, it is vitally important to feel at ease when exercising.

If you are having troubles storing, exercising, changing the resistance level or monitoring the state of your exercise by anyway, that rower might not be the best one for you.

So, before setting out to buy a specific rower, you should use it for 15-20 minutes on trial before deciding on the purchase.

Final Thoughts

In this small article of mine, I have tried my best to put forward the points I thought would play a crucial role in deciding which rowing machine you’d buy on the market.

In addition to the things I mentioned in our discussion, the brand name is also important. You’ll do good to run a background check on the brand you are choosing for your rowing needs.

Let me know what you think is necessary to keep in mind before buying a rowing machine .

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