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ProForm 440R Rower Review

If we ask people, “What attracts you?” There’s a certainty that 90% of the people will answer good looks and great physic. There have different ways to get great physic for health and exercise is one of the best ways to get healthy fitness. ProForm 440R Rower gives the best workout exercise for being healthy in a very short time. 

Great physic for boys and girls isn’t very easy to get. You will need a proven diet program and a well-scheduled workout plan to go with it. These two hand in hand can make the difference.

Some General Features of ProForm 440R Rower

For diet plans, you’ll need to have good physicians and for a good workout regime, you will need a good exercise machine like ProForm 440R Rowing Machine.

This machine replicates the rowing experience on the water and in that process gives your body a perfect exercising session.

In this ProForm 440R Rowing Machine Review, let us discuss the features, highlights and pros/cons of the rower.

ProForm 440R Rower

Space saver design and Oversized pivoting pedals with adjustable nylon foot straps which will give you the best workout for your fitness.

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The Design of the Machine

The Design of the machine is simple. It has a comfy seat and easy to grip handles. The durable design supports up to 250lbs. of weight.

The Display of the device is really well despite ProForm 440 Rowing Machine being an introductory level or alpha level machine.

It tells you the time you rowed for the stroke count, the calories burnt etc. The display monitor is very potent at showing those stats as it monitors each for six seconds.

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The Highlights of the Machine

  • This machine is good for regular workouts and strength training for you.
  • The machine is ergonometric. The building pattern ensures low fatigue while exercising.
  • ProForm 440R rower has as many as 8 different resistance levels. You can start from the lowest and gradually make your way up to the top.
  • The rower has aluminum made rails. These rails ensure comfort while you are exercising.
  • The foot straps are big and they accommodate the most size of feet. The foot straps pivot to make the experience good.
  • The weight capacity of the rower is 250lbs.
  • This machine is good for the taller people. People over 6 feet tall can find this machine ideal for rowing.

The Shortcomings of the Rower

Due to the price of the rower, the manufacturers didn’t have the luxury of putting some of the premium features into this rower and so some drawbacks are naturally in the rower. The drawbacks are:

  • First thing comes to mind is the weight. The limit for weight is 250lbs. That is why people who have higher weight, can suffer from imbalance.
  • The rower is called Strength station but to be honest it is a short time rower good for keeping you in shape than anything else.
  • The rower takes too much time to be assembled. Parts are too many and require greater attention. It would have helped if they were assembled from before.
  • Few of the customers reported about the handles. The handles are too slim for some of the users and that resulted in problems in gripping. The shape of the handlebars needs extra attention. They don’t go well with the rower.

Final Verdict

People often ask too much from an ordinary rower. This rower from ProForm will only cost you about 340 bucks ($343 to be exact). So I’d advise you to keep your expectations to realistic levels.

It is not a high-end rower with gym-like experience by any means. If you want a rower with gym-like ProForm 440R is hard to rival.

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