Phoenix 98900 Power Rower Reviews

Phoenix 98900 Power Rower reviews all over the internet highlight on a number of issues. But let me get one thing straightened out for you. That is, a gym-like a professional rower will cost you over thousand dollars.

In this review, we are going to discuss the Phoenix 98900 Power Rower and tell you about the pluses and flaws this product has.

Features of Phoenix 98900 Power Rower

phoenix 98900 power rower

This low-budget  rower has a magnetic resistance which works fine with it. The rower has five resistance levels that go perfectly well with any type of exercise regime. All you have to do is to turn the knob just under the display unit to change them.

The Rowing Machine has a good seat when you consider the price range of the rower. The gliding motion with this rower is perfectly alright.

Even the footrests are perfect, but they cause you to spread your legs more than the average rowers would. They are almost 2-3 inches wider than your normal rowers.

The model folds up to save space. You can attain a full-motion  workout with it. If you are one of the tall guys, this rower still works well for you. It has a split monitor display suitable for the model (much better for an entry level model).

You can monitor all your essentials using the display. But one drawback of the product is that it is not preset, and it is not programmable. The weight limit on this machine is 250 lbs. maximum.

Warranty Issues

It is hard to get a suitable warranty for low budgeted products such as Phoenix 98900 Power Rower. The parts will be covered by 3 months of warranty. The frame has the 1-year warranty.

Now most of the rowers of this price range have at least 2 years on the frame. Plus, 3 months on the parts is not good when you consider the competition Phoenix has to deal with as well.

So, the warranty is a downside when you are considering buying  this product.

My Dislikes about This Product

I would vote against the following shortcomings that Phoenix has. Some Phoenix 98900 Power Rower reviews mention that the foot pedals could have been closer to each other. Right now, they are too wide.

Secondly, the machine is a bit noisy for my recommendation. This is not due to the magnetic resistance.

It is better than many models when you consider the stroke rates but when the stroke rates go up, this machine can’t keep up constantly.

One thing you would want is the seat to slide well into position with the rail. But in Phoenix Power Rower, it is the opposite.

The warranty period is too low even for a short budget product. You will find the monitor to be very basic.

Final Verdict

Phoenix 98900 might not be the best one available in the market, but it is one of the cheapest. You will find this rower to be cost efficient and long lasting (provided you do the caring).

You will be able to keep yourself in shape using this. But my advice would be not to keep the training goals too high with this type of machine, which belongs to the “Entry Level” category.

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