Lifecore R100 Rower Review – The Complete Buying Guide!

Our team has revealed an in-depth lifecore r100 rower review. Here, you will get all the specs, pros, cons including features to make the buying decision!

Is This The Machine for Me? If that is the question, you are asking yourselves, then the answer would be yes. Specially, if you want a magnetic rowing machine, Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine would be the ideal one for you.

The machine is enhanced by a number of programs that will support you in your workouts. You can control your heart-beat rate, different preset modes to control exercising, high weigh range and many more things.

This Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine is designed to provide you all the inside news about the products’ usability and features.

Features of Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine

lifecore r100 rower review

Many attractions this machine has, LCD Monitor is one of them.

It displays many features like how much distance you have covered. Also your heart beat rate, the calories you have burnt, the time vs. distance graph, strokes you made and more. The ability to measure pulse along the exercise routine comes handy for aged people.

The Lifecore R100 Rower works on magnetic resistance. There is this Air Flywheel too. The R100 from Lifecore has 16 different levels of resistance that will make the machine gentle on your body and joints.

The machine allows the user to modify the levels and set up custom exercise resistance suiting the preferences.

Comfort Level of Using the Product

Ever worked with “Frame Lock Mechanism” before? This product has one. It makes folding this machine easy. You will see that space is minimized.

On top of that, the roller wheels in front will make moving this machine really easy. So, if you are cramped for space or live in a small-sized apartment, this exercising rower is the best one you will get.

You will have an ergonometric handle at your disposal. If people have sore hands after a 45-minute stint of exercising, these handles will solve the problem by providing the hands cushions that they need.

The model is ergonometric as well, which allows the Lifecore R100 Rower to adjust itself to your body shape. The best thing is the seat.

It is nicely padded. Plus, it keeps the backaches, the spinal disturbances away from you by ensuring added comfort towards your abdomen area.

One other thing working in its favor is that the Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine is less painful on your ears.

Manufacturers are using belts instead of chains as the push and pull technology in this rower. This will make the machine quieter for the elderly. The people can now enjoy music or even a film while working out.

The Negative Side

The instruction manual can be an issue if it is your first time with the Rowing machines. There are few customers who complained about the chest strap not being there.

When they were trying to measure the heart beat, they couldn’t do it. Otherwise, everything seems fine about this product.

Final Verdict

I personally would recommend you Lifecore R100 Rower Machine. I used this machine and after one week lost 10 pounds myself.

The machine supports 600 lbs. of weight and is one of the high-end products in the market these days. You can start by using it 3-days-per-week. Keep the resistance on moderate levels.

The machine is comfortable to operate. You will not keep track of time when exercising. Also, the pros are far more than the cons.

One very important thing is the warranty. It has 5 years warranty on the parts and one-year lifetime warranty on the frame. So, I say, this will be a good buy for anyone interested.

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