Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine Review – Features, Pros, Cons!

Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine is the World-Class exercising machines that are manufactured by Kettler since 1994. It is a German Company which specializes in Rowing Machines.

You will find in Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine reviews that this rower provides you a full-body workout and in addition, gives extra emphasis towards the arms and legs of yours.

You will have many options in Kettler Favorit Rower when you compare it with Stamina ATS Air Rower that comes for the same price.

We shall not beat around the bush like most Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine. Rather we shall dive into the topic to tell you the interesting things about it.

Parts of the Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

The machine is equipped with rowing arms. It also has two hydraulic cylinders. For a change, you will have an anti-slip base with it. Then there is the Ergonomic seat.

People will also get the “Folding Oars”. The package comes with a training computer. The foot plates are there with adjustable tapes. There are lock nuts and a user manual.

The manual is very easy to interpret. It comes in several languages. The machine would take 35 minutes at best to be set up.

Features of the Product in Question

I must tell you that one of the highlights of the Kettler Favorite Rowing Machine is that the machine is noiseless.

You can even watch a movie while working out. It doesn’t require AC power to operate. Just 2 AA size batteries will do. You will feel that the resistance for each arm will go up to 50 knurls. So, it is a definite plus when you compare it to other rowers.

The seat is well padded and raised as well. So, I could get really comfortable with it. The LCD monitor is another plus.

This LCD Monitor comes with features, which display time, distance, calories burnt and more. You can keep track of your heartbeats.

One advantage is, you can monitor your workout results across several weeks.

Comfort Level

The machine is specially designed for your lower back and the knees. So, elderly people can definitely be benefited with it.

One can configure the exercises in accordance with his/her own preference and schedule. The handles of the machine come with textured grip.

That makes it easy on your hands, and you will not slip up. It works well with your calve muscles and joints. When it is dirty, just apply some detergent to clean it.

If something happens to the parts, you have three-year  warranty period to cover the damage. For the steel frame, you will have a lifetime warranty.

The Drawbacks

The machine is well-built and German makers provide you with sturdy materials. But the oars of the machine do take the time to loosen up. So when you are beginning with the machine, you will have to give it quite an effort.

Secondly, some of the customers in their reviews of the Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine said that the instructions were hazy.

Some even said that the resistance levels are not as effective, as promised, but that is largely due to the fault in their assembly process.

Final Thoughts

You will get 300 to 500 units of a calorie burnt using this machine for an hour. This alone is sufficient for me to buy this machine.

But several other Kettler machine will tell you that the overall quality of the machine is pleasing. It is easy on the hands and the body. So, you will be more than comfortable using this product on a regular basis.

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