Is Rowing Machine Good For Your Back? – 5 User Benefits For Back Muscle!

Working out on a rowing machine is a fantastic way to strengthen up your body’s muscles. It is particularly effective at working your lower back and core. However, there is a common misconception that a rowing machine can be, in fact, bad for your back. So, Let it be clear that “Is Rowing Machine Good for your Back or Not?”.

Though there might be some truth to this, in most cases, this is due to bad posture, technique, or pushing the body over the limit. However, if you know what you are doing, there is almost no chance that you will hurt your back while rowing.

This article will talk about whether a rowing machine can damage your back and what benefits you get out of it.

Can a Rowing Machine Damage your Back?

A rowing machine exercise is considered low impact. This means there is little to no possibility of this exercise damaging your muscles or joints. Typically, a rowing machine should not damage your back. However, if you have bad postures or techniques, that can sometimes lead to back pain.

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Can a Rowing Machine Damage your Back

Many rowers, beginners, or professionals can sometimes suffer from lower back pain called Lumbago. This is the result of overexerting yourself through intense training. But if you take things slow and understand when you need to take a break, you should not have to worry about it. 

Is a Rowing Machine Good for Lower Back?

is rowing machine good for your back

In fact, rowing machine exercises are considered good for the lower back. Since it is a full-body workout, it forces the different muscles and joints of your body to work in tandem in order to burn calories.

Even people who are recuperating from lower back pain can get accelerated pain relief from rowing.

What To Do If You Have A Bad Back?

Before you opt to start rowing for pain relief from back pain, consult your doctor. There might be many reasons for back pain, and without understanding why it is happening, you should never take part in intense workout activities. It can lead to further injury.

How To Avoid Lower Back Pain When Rowing?

Preventing back pain while rowing has everything to do with the proper posture and rowing technique. Make sure you spend some time warming up your muscles by stretching before diving into any intense rowing workout.

How To Avoid Lower Back Pain When Rowing

When sitting down on the machine, you want to sit straight without any hunch on your back. The correct way to row is to sit tall, with knees bent. Keep your shin vertical, and your upper body should lean forward slightly.

You also want to keep your arms extended to hold the chain. If you have to bend, bend your hip instead of your back. When your belly tightens during a workout, move your hips to complement it.

How Rowing Machine Can Help Prevent Back Pain?

A rowing machine forces you to use the muscles in your entire body. It builds up your core and burns calories quite efficiently.

How Rowing Machine Can Help Prevent Back Pain

Over time, it will increase the strength of your back muscles. As long as you work out properly, your back muscles will develop, and your back will become resistant to any form of pain or injury.

Benefits Of Using Rowing Machine For Your Back Muscles

Rowing machines are a fantastic tool to build up your back muscles and strength. Here are a few major benefits it offers for your back:

1. Strong Foundation

In most cases, back pain originates from a weak butt. It may sound odd but consider how every gym considers squats and deadlifts as an essential part of any workout. It is so that the muscles in your buttocks are strong, and you have a good foundation for your body.

With rowing, your butt muscles develop perfectly, and this can drastically reduce any chance of back pain in the future.

2. Stress Reduction

Have you ever wondered why back massages feel so good after a stressful day? It is because the human body tenses up under stress, and that extra tension gets stored at the back of the body.

With a rowing machine, you can get rid of the tension by applying tension. It may sound counterintuitive, but when it comes down to it, it works just as well as a back massage.

3. Work Your Waist

The worst part about back pain is when it shifts to your waist. You cannot turn left or right without feeling a twitch in your muscles. Thankfully a rowing machine also works your waists, ensuring the nerves and muscles in the region are strong and impervious to injury.

4. Strong Lower Back

A rowing machine also has the obvious benefit of helping you build a strong lower back. Many of us these days have to sit around for hours on a chair while working. This can lead to poor posture, and eventually, you will be suffering from chronic back pain.

However, with regular rowing, your lower back muscles will improve in strength. You will be able to keep seated for longer without suffering from any discomfort. Besides, rowing also teaches you the correct posture for your body.

5. Shoulder is Also Important

If you thought your back pain only affects your back, you are wrong. Without taking any steps to prevent or cure it, it can easily spread to the rest of your body. Shoulder pain is a common after-effect of back pain that is just as much uncomfortable.

Since rowing utilizes your shoulders and arms, you will be able to build up those muscles to prevent any pain or discomfort.

Even if you are suffering from shoulder pain, the increased blood circulation to your shoulder through rowing can accelerate healing. However, remember to consult your doctor before working out with an injured shoulder.

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of how it might look, rowing is actually a pretty low-impact exercise. However, its benefits and effectiveness in toning your body are immense. If you practice the right posture and rowing technique, you should never have to worry about injuring your back or any other parts of your body while rowing. We hope you found our article to be insightful and informative.

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  1. Hello Freddie, I have back problems and have found your article very interesting, which is encouraging me to start using the rower again. In the past using the rower hurt my back, but that could be because I was working out too intensely.
    I just have one question please? When I row I try not to bend backwards like some people do, and only row back as far as having a straight back(neutral curve in the spine). Could you tell me if this is the advised way to do it if you have back pain?
    Thank you in advance


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