How to Use a Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is usually considered by most people as one of the best machines in a fitness club. However, most individuals do not know how to use a rowing machine and therefore, they are unable to reap the benefits it carries along when working out with it.

To be able to make the best out of this fitness machine, it’s ideal that you hire a trainer so that he/she can guide you appropriately on how all its parts are supposed to be handled as well as used.

This write-up will provide you with a step by step guide on how you can use this gym machine as well as how you can benefit by using it properly.

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Adjusting the Foot Straps

The first thing you’ll be required to do once you sit down on a rowing machine is to ensure that you adjust the foot straps in a manner that they can easily meet your feet.

You must also ensure that your heels are resisting comfortable against the foot pedal’s bases.

If you are a new user who just buy the rowing machine to do workout we recommend you try to set the equipment at a lower level.

Once you’re settled into the rowing machine’s chair, you must also ensure that your grip is not only firm but also relaxed as well.

Adjusting Resistance

In case you’ll subscribe to the scoot-scoot school of rowing, the first step you’ll be required to know. When it is mastering how to adjust the resistance of the machine as high as possible. To know, you can be able to hassle free get any sort of exercise with the machine.

However, be aware that immediately you will begin using the proper techniques required. The motion will most likely become more challenging.

Be aware that even the seasoned rowers often stick to around 40 to 60 percent of the machine’s maximum resistance for long- distance exercises and longer pushes.

how to use a rowing machine

Exercise Types and Goals

Rowers will normally monitor their stroke cadence as they row, approximately 34 strokes per minute. It often considers a good pace for long- distance rowing training.

For high-intensity intervals, it will recommend you to use a rate of 50 strokes per minute.

It is also ideal that try setting for yourself a distance goal from time to time. For instance, you can decide working up to and past 1,500 meters or approximately a mile of rowing.

Also, you can do high-intensity intervals by increasing the resistance of the machine briefly, or entertain yourself by racing to a set distance with another person on a nearby machine.

Major Actions that Take Place When Using a Rowing Machine

There are three actions that normally take place when learning how to use a rowing machine.

The first is the catch, the second one is the power and recovery are the third ones. The catch is when a person goes forward using the rowing machine.

When performing the catch, you must bend your knees in such a manner that they are close to your upper body. This means that you will have to lean your upper body a little bit forward.

However, you must ensure that your posture doesn’t change when leaning your body.

The power stroke involves extending your legs so that you can push the foot pedals of the rowing machine. Basically, it is important that you ensure that your body gets the most benefit possible from the power stroke.

The recovery is when you tighten your hands, bend the knees and move the body forward using the rowing machine.

Last, but not least, be aware that when used properly, a rowing machine can help you burn more than 700 calories in a couple of days. Therefore, next time you’re in the gym, sacrifice some minutes and try to master the various steps that will assist use be a pro in using a rowing machine.

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