Confidence Fitness Rowing Machine Review

Workout and physical activities are great ways to have a healthy life. Regular workout and exercise have a direct impact on your body and mind. Have a look at Confidence Fitness Rowing Machine to get the best performance on exercise. It makes you stronger and fitter for daily activities and helps you to lead a relaxing and enjoyable life.

If you are looking for a budget and time friendly exercise system that allows you to do your regular works, and also physical activities side by side, then rowing machine is the right tool for you.

Confidence Fitness Folding Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine is a budget-friendly magnetic rower. Including eight levels of magnetic resistance, this product is a comfortable buddy for your daily workout.

confidence fitness rowing machine

Standout Features of Confidence Fitness Rowing Machine

The Confidence Fitness rower is a great tool for a challenging workout.

With the sturdy design and magnetic resistance, the Confidence Fitness allows you to workout levels for hours in your home.

The machine is suitable for all aged peoples with different experience level. I am going to discuss some standout features of Confidence Fitness Folding Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine is this review.

Eight Resistance Levels

The product offers multiple resistance levels for a different level of exercise. The magnetic resistance level is relatively smooth and quiet.

It is really surprising to have multiple resistance levels with this cheap rowing machine. This resistance gives the better experience than a hydraulic resistance level.

You will have a smooth and flawless workout with this excellent rowing machine.

Comfortable and Easy

The workout machine is very comfortable considering the padded seat. You can easily adjust your body into it.

The non-slippery handles enable you to grip it properly. The footrests can accommodate your feet perfectly while paddling. Adjustment of the resistance is very easy.

You will have a relaxing natural workout expense with this comfortable rowing machine.

Simple Monitor

You can track information and data with the functional display. There are four functions to measure speed, workout time, duration, etc. 

It helps you to count the total strokes you have performed and stay motivated in your session.

Build Quality

Confidence Fitness Folding Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine has solid components with a strong frame.

The product comes with fluid and smooth glide system. The steady pole provides flawless and quiet workout session.

The foot pedals are solid and firm to hold your feet perfectly. Handles are made with non-slippery materials.

The weight capacity is 250lbs. The overall built quality is not that impressive comparing high-quality rowing machine. Nevertheless, it is a great product considering the price. 

Dimension of the Product

The machine is very light. It has weight of 62 pounds. The folding design makers it a very portable product that can fit in your room perfectly.

The dimension of this product is 18″ x 21″ x 71″. However, you can fold this product in 31″ x 18″ x 40″ storage space.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Multiple resistance levels
  • Comfortable seat and handles
  • Magnetic resistance for smooth workout
  • Takes very little space


  • Assembling this rower is a bit challenging
  • Tall users may face some problems exercising on it

Final Thoughts

Despite having some minor disadvantages, the Confidence Fitness Folding Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine comes with some special features.

The multiple resistance levels, magnetic resistance, comfortable seat and handles made it a handy product for rowing.  It is a good choice for the people who are looking for a decent rowing machine at a cheap price. 

The rowing machine has a 5-year warranty on frame and 3-month warranty on the parts. 

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